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Recycled Cotton Tote Bag - Saba & Nairo

Recycled Cotton Tote Bag - Saba & Nairo

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Recycled Cotton Tote Bag - Saba & Nairo

Support Saba & Nairo's journey from Howletts Wild Animal Park to the wilds of South Africa by purchasing one of our new, 100% recycled tote bags.

Made from salvaged waste cuttings from organic cotton clothing blended with recycled plastic bottled, our totes are printed in the UK and measure roughly 40x35cm plus shoulder-length handles.

Ideal for shopping, travel, the gym or a gift, our new totes were custom-designed to celebrate the Aspinall Foundation's groundbreaking, world-first relocation of two cheetah from the UK to South Africa for rewilding. 

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