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Cuddly Tapir

Cuddly Tapir

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Show your support for The Aspinall Foundation by providing a forever home for a cuddly tapir. Each cuddly toy measures roughly 18cm in length, making it just the right size to hide inside a Christmas stocking! 

Scientific name: Tapirus terrestris

Common name: Lowland tapir

About tapirs: The lowland tapir ranges through much of South America. They are strong swimmers and divers capable of submerging underwater for 90 seconds to avoid predators. Lowland tapirs are known to prefer to poo in water to hide their scent from predators and, like the Malayan tapir, they are shy and semi-nocturnal.

Threats: Poaching for meat and hide, deforestation

IUCN status: Vulnerable (VU)

Did you know: The average pregnancy for a lowland tapir lasts for 13 months.

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