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Cuddly Red Panda

Cuddly Red Panda

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Show your support for The Aspinall Foundation by providing a forever home for a cuddly red panda. Each cuddly toy measures roughly 25cm in length.

Scientific name: Ailurus fulgens

Common name: Red panda

About spectacled bears: Red pandas are not related to giant pandas.  They are the only living member of their taxonomic family, Ailuridae.  They mainly eat young leaves and shoots of bamboo, but will also take fruit, roots, succulent grasses, acorns, lichens, bird’s eggs, small mammals and insects. Red pandas can have 1-4 cubs every 1-2 years.

ThreatsHabitat loss, illegal pet trade, hunting, domestic livestock

IUCN status: Endangered (EN)

Did you know: Like the giant panda, red pandas also have a pseudo-thumb, which is actually a modified wrist bone used to grip bamboo.

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