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Cuddly Giant Anteater

Cuddly Giant Anteater

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Show your support for The Aspinall Foundation by providing a forever home for a cuddly giant anteater. Each cuddly toy measures roughly 15cm in length.

Scientific name: Myrmecophagaga tridactyla

Common name: Giant anteater

About giant anteaters: Giant anteaters have no teeth and can only open their mouths enough for their 60cm long tongue to flick out. After they break open termite mounds or ant nests using their powerful claws, giant anteaters flick their tongue out, which is coated in sticky saliva, up to 3 times per second to collect their prey.

ThreatsCollision with vehicles, hunting for sport and leather, habitat loss for agriculture

IUCN status: Vulnerable (VU)

Did you know: The giant anteater walks on its knuckles to protect its massive claws.

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