Nusu the Elephant

The herd of 14 African elephants are having a great year - the arrival of Oku and Nguvu has given little Nusu some very welcome playmates, although he does still spend a lot of his time playing with favourite Aunt Manzi or hanging around with the young bulls Impi and Mchumba, learning important bull social behaviour.

Your Adoption Really Helps

By adopting an Aspinall animal, you are helping to support our amazing overseas work and back to the wild campaigns.

Whats included in your adoption?

  • 18cm cuddly toy
  • Adoption folder including photocard and fact sheet about your chosen animal written by the expert team at The Aspinall Foundation.
  • Certificate of adoption 
  • Please allow up to 14 days for delivery


    Key Facts the African Elephant

    ICUN Status: Vulnerable
    Natural Habitat: Forest and grassland
    Height: 3.5 metre at the shoulder
    Weight: 5500kg
    Diet: Herbivore

    African Elephants are intelligent mammals who live in extended family groups with strong and complex bonds. They are famously under threat from poaching for their ivory, which - despite a global ban on international ivory sales - remains in demand in the Far East. 
    The Aspinall Foundation saved 11 elephants from an abandoned South African reserve in November 2019, where they were facing a slow death from starvation and thirst. The entire herd were moved 300km to a 15,000 hectare reserve protected by a specialist anti-poaching unit.
    Adopting an elephant with us helps to fund future rescue missions!

    How we're helping 

    The Aspinall Foundation, a world class animal conservation charity, is dedicated to returning captive bred animals to protected wilderness areas and reserves in their native habitats. The Aspinall Foundation fund and manage animal protection projects in Congo, Gabon, Java and Madagascar, as well as providing financial support to other animal protection schemes around the world including India and Cambodia. 

    Adopt Nusu the Elephant

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