Sponsor Saba & Nairo the cheetah
Sponsor Saba & Nairo the cheetah
Sponsor Saba & Nairo the cheetah

Sponsor Saba & Nairo the cheetah

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Saba & Nairo the cheetah

ICUN Status: Vulnerable
Natural habitat:  Dry forests, scrub forests, and savannah
Height: 1.5 metres in length
Weight: 50kg
Diet: Carnivore

Brothers Saba and Nairo were born at Port Lympne Reserve in 2017. Saba was hand reared and later reintroduced to Nairo once they were older. They took a little while to adjust to living together, but the brothers have formed a strong bond, grooming each other and sleeping in close proximity.

One year ago Saba and Nairo started their journey home and flew more than 8,000 miles from Howletts Wild Animal Park to South Africa, where they started their acclimatisation at Ashia Cheetah Conservation. Today the two brothers are completely self-sufficient and they live in a large reserve at Mount Camdeboo reserve where they hunt together and live in their natural habitat.
This was the first time cheetahs born in captivity in the UK were rewilded and we are proud to say it was an amazing success.


What your pack includes:

  • 18cm cuddly toy
  • Adoption folder including photocard and fact sheet about your chosen animal written by the expert team at The Aspinall Foundation.
  • Certificate of adoption 
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